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Jim Ronald Mills

Health and Fitness Enthusiast Jim Ronald Mills Discusses the Top Foods for Heart Health

Health and fitness enthusiast Jim Ronald Mills discuss the top foods you can eat to promote heart health.

Anderson, SC/ July 9, 2020 / It’s no secret that diet places an essential role in a healthy lifestyle and healthy heart. Health and fitness enthusiast Jim Ronald Mills recently discussed just which foods we should be eating to positively impact our hearts and reduce our risk of heart disease.

“Certain healthy foods can help improve blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation, and ultimately, reduce our risk of heart disease,” Jim Mills said.

Jim Mills explained that leafy green vegetables are some of the best food that can be consumed to improve heart health. Collard greens, kale, spinach, and other natural greens are rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Jim Ronald Mills further explained that leafy greens contain a lit of vitamin K, which is an often-overlooked vitamin that promotes correct blood clotting and protects the arteries.

“Whole grains are another food group that can reduce your risk of heart disease through high fiber content,” Jim Ronald Mills said. “Fiber can help reduce unwanted cholesterol, which in turn, can boost heart health.”

In fact, Jim Mills described a recent study that showed consuming more than three servings of whole grains per day reduced systolic blood pressure significantly. The reduction in systolic blood pressure was enough to reduce a person’s risk of stroke by 25 percent. However, Jim Ronald Mills explained it’s essential to read labels thoroughly when shopping for grains. Shopping for whole-grain products as opposed to those containing wheat flour, or reading “multi-grain,” is essential.

“Beans are an extremely affordable and heart-healthy food,” Jim Ronald Mills said. “While some may find it difficult to afford other heart-healthy foods, like avocados and walnuts, regularly, beans can often be purchased very affordably.”

Jim Ronald Mills explained that beans can greatly decrease the blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Consuming beans regularly has also been linked to reduced inflammation and lower blood pressure. High blood pressure and inflammation are two major risk factors for heart disease.

“Avocados are becoming an increasingly popular ingredient on menus around the globe,” Jim Ronald Mills said. “They’re rich in potassium and monounsaturated fats, both of which help promote heart health.”

Avocados have been linked to lower levels of cholesterol, increased potassium intake, and reductions in LDL cholesterol. All of these factors can help reduce your risk of heart disease. Jim Ronald Mills explained that because avocado tastes delicious, many people think it’s too fatty or unhealthy. The truth is that it has been proven to improve heart health and reduce the risk of stroke.

“Altering your diet to include more heart-healthy foods and less harmful ones can be the difference between facing heart disease or not,” Jim Ronald Mills said. “As health enthusiasts, we hope the general population will start to lean more toward these heart-healthy foods.”

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